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Why Ecosave

  • 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE WITH TIER 1 CLIENTS: Benefit from our experience in your industry including Government, Education, Health & Aged Care, Manufacturing, Retail and Commercial Enterprise. We've implemented a variety of performance based energy saving projects for over 600 clients and 3,000 sites in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.
  •  HOLISTIC, ENGINEERING BASED SOLUTIONS: We take a holistic view of consumption across an organisation, finding savings and efficiencies in all areas of energy and water use. The Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) we identify involve a variety of technologies and engineering techniques including: LED Lighting upgrades, heating cooling and ventilation system optimisation (HVAC); embedded and distributed power generation (from Solar PV, co-generation, tri-generation and geothermal sources); mechanical upgrades, building tuning, building sealing, building analytics; controls, sensors; water amenities, fittings, pumping and treatment etc.
  •  100% INDEPENDENT : We do not own, manufacture or have exclusive distribution rights to any products. This leaves us free to create the optimal design with the most value based multi-technology package of solutions that are fit for purpose, maximising savings.
  •  SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT: Hassle free streamlined management of all your sustainability initiatives and energy performance management requirements. We have the capability to deliver independent advisory engagements, design and implement efficiency upgrades and continuously monitor and report on energy utilisation and sustainability targets.
  •  FIXED PRICE PROPOSALS: The results of our assessments are presented in a Fixed Price Proposal with a single fee for the entire project from start to finish - no hidden costs!
  •  SAVINGS GUARANTEE: All of the savings that Ecosave propose are guaranteed. If the guarantee is not met, we will carry out additional work free of charge, or refund enough of the project value to achieve the guaranteed payback.
  •  FULLY FUNDED PROJECTS: Ecosave offers a range of funding options for our projects, from Finance to fully off-balance-sheet Ecosave Service Agreements.
  •  END TO END SERVICE: Your organisation will be assigned a project team - the same engineers will work on your project from beginning to end through the assessment, solutions, design, installation, commissioning and measurement and verification of savings using international IPMVP standards. 
  •  IMPLEMENTATION WARRANTY: Ecosave guarantees the implementation phase including all of the proposed solutions - if a solution fails or does not operate as intended, Ecosave will fix or replace it under the 12 months parts and labour warranty. 
  •  OUR LONGEVITY: Ecosave was established in 2002 and over the years we have implemented more than 3,000 energy efficiency projects for over 600 clients, across Australia, New Zealand and the United States. 

"We were impressed with Ecosave's professionalism and knowledge of all aspects of energy efficiency. And the actual achieved were in excess of the proposed savings..."
Gabriel Chang, National Property Services Manager - Bupa Aged Care
"A highlight of working with Ecosave in achieving these savings has been their genuine desire to achieve a good outcome for us and for the environment..."
Edward Maher, Area Manager
Charles Sturt University Green Division of Facilities Management
Benefit from our expertise in your industry...
Ecosave are the energy and water conservation experts, delivering savings and carbon reduction measures for more than 15 years in Private and Public sectors across a number of industries, including:
Aged Care & Private Health
Enterprise / Commercial
How it Works?
  • INITIAL CONSULTATION / DISCOVER WORKSHOP: Starting with a FREE 30 Minute Phone Consult, we spend some time to understand your organisation profile, specific challenges, key business drivers and sustainability objectives. 
  •  SITE ASSESSMENTS: Detailed engineering assessments of your facilities including baseline measurements and identification of ECMs.
  •  GESP AGREEMENT - Ecosave delivers a fixed price proposal to implement an end to end solution of packaged ECMs and integrated services as a performance based engagement - includes implementation warranties and guaranteed savings.
  •  KICK OFF MEETING: To begin the project we hold a kick-off meeting with site staff, talking through the scope and agreeing on a schedule that suits your organisation. We start on site with a Pre-installation inspection to take stock of any changes in the site since we conducted the initial assessments, and conduct workplace risk assessments. Ecosave will then confirm the scope, engage subcontractors, purchase the equipment and manage the installation from start to finish. Staff are inducted in the site’s OH&S program, submit their safety plans and work begins.
  •  INSTALLATION / COMMISSIONING:  Installations of all ECMs are commissioned to ensure they operate as designed on site, maximising efficiency. Operational and Maintenance manuals will be provided with training to the site’s facilities and maintenance teams to help them operate the equipment as intended and maintain savings.
  •  MEASUREMENT & VERIFICATION: Ecosave will conduct measurement and verification (M&V) on each solution installed to ensure and demonstrate that the savings are being achieved. We use the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) to measure and verify savings, so you can be assured of sound methodology. This often involves data logging of equipment before and after the works.
  •  ACTUAL SAVINGS REPORT: At project end the client will receive an Actual Savings Report that demonstrates the savings achieved, based on before and after measurements of consumption conducted during M&V. Here the savings guarantee comes into effect.

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